Travis R. Compton


Today is a special day. It is April 9th, 2010, and the 45th birthday of my brother Travis – if he were alive. On December 24, 2009, Travis and our cousin Bancroft Nyack left Fort Lauderdale Florida for Grenada, but they never arrived. While over the Bahamas they lost both engines and had to ditch the aircraft close to the Plana Cays. Life for our both families has changed since that day. We are forced to continue without two persons that were intricate and vital to our family units. The loss is at the very least perplexing to understand, frightening to face, difficult to accept and yet impossible to change.

Travis and Bancroft

In spite of that, we have made it this far – one day at a time – with each day minutely easier than the one before. Truly, we garner incredible stength from our father God, and the overwhelming love, support and comfort that we have received from family and friends in Grenada and abroad. Your prayers, calls, cards, flowers, food, hugs, tears and words of comfort have been well received and appreciated and we thank you with our aching hearts. We have been so blessed and encouraged by you. In my brother's and cousin's passing, I have witnessed first hand the unifying power of love that has come through this pain. The best testament to Travis's and Ban's legacy would be transpose the same spirit of love, unity and compassion to each other in our regular daily lives.

Travis and Bancroft were passionate pilots with profound pride for their profession. But, they were kindred spirits in more ways than one. Both good Christian men, who loved the Lord, they were also very were devoted to their family and friends. Boasting quiet, cool dispositions, their charm, good manners, sincerity, and loving hearts, made them the favourite of most that knew them. The loss has been difficult to accept by the ones that have known Bancroft and Travis to be two vivacious, determined, courageous, debonair, thoughtful and altogether outstanding young men. They were enveloped by the love of many during their lifetime, and in their passing they have left colourful memories of lives well-lived, time well-spent, and contributions well-made. All who knew them will miss their friendship, their generous smiles and haughty laughter. The families look forward to a reunion one day in God's heavenly kingdom.

In an attempt to bring some level of closure out of this painful accident enigma, a thanksgiving service was organized by the families to celebrate their lives. It was held at the Grenada Trade Center, St. Georges, Grenada on February 21, 2009. The ceremony was attended by about 1000 family, friends and well-wishers with a significant pilot delegation present. The service, officiated by pastor Gerard Keens-Douglas commenced with an instrumental prelude by the Grenada police band, and concluded with an aircraft flyover provided by SVG air. The men were memorialized in several moving tributes, and there was a poignant candle ceremony to recognize and pray for the pilots. A contribution of $4000.00 Eastern Caribbean Currency was made by the attendees and the funds were presented on Thursday February 25th, 2010 to the Grenada Kidney Foundation and the Grenada Bible Society.

Bancroft's remains, found on the Plana Cays on January 21, 2010, were interred in a private ceremony witnessed by close family, friends and pilots, at the Marli cemetery, Grenada on the day after the memorial service.

Travis and Bancroft

Travis's remains missing up to this date. There have been three major searches to date, and we are hopeful that he will be found. Thanks to the kindness, concern and dedication of Texas Equusearch (TES), a Texas based, search, rescue and recovery organization, plans are on the way for a marine search in the near future. Since taking on Travis's case on January 24, 2010, Tim Miller, Ralph Baird and their team at TES has not only provided incredible support, strength and love to our family, but they have been persistently exploring all avenues for a successful return of Travis to our family. To our newfound family at TES, thanks for your unrelenting love, support, strength and direction given to our family and friends during this distressing and saddening time.

Again on behalf of Bancroft's and Travis's family, hearty thanks to everyone who has been there for us and with us during our “ valley of death ” experience. God promises us a brighter day tomorrow… when He shall “wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death …nor crying …nor pain… Rev 21:4

Travis will be found …. “….with God all things are possible” Matthew 19: 26 and “… He shall give you the desires of your heart” psalm 37:4

With Gratitude


The Continued Search .......


Texas Equusearch

TES and Travis's loved ones are committed to persevering until his remains are found, and he can be put to rest. Only this will give meaningful closure to his family and friends. However, the search requires not only your prayers, best wishes and the expertise of the TES volunteers, but some maritime research assistance to provide a vessel and and underwater sonar remus equipment, to be successful. The technology is indeed available to make this search effort achievable. We do need your assistance and support to help us contact a maritime research facility, maritime university, maritime research program, military unit, or any company, organization or facility that performs underwater recovers, or maritime research, to either furnish the boat or the equipment listed below, that can also use the recovery exercise for training or research. This exercise is indeed a win-win expedition. It will bring closure and satisfaction to Travis's family and friends, and will be the perfect training or research opportunity for a marine research facility. Please assist us by forwarding to us any leads, contacts, or recommendations that may be helpful. We thank you.


Equipment Required:

Equipment Require

Remus Undersea Seach and Survey Vehicles

Equipment Require

Vessel with the following specifications:

A work boat, utility boat or ocean going tug, 65-125 ft., to act as a platform to house the searchers and to traverse in a parallel fashion the Plana Cays. The ship needs to be able to travel slowly: 3 knots.

Must have fuel tanks for 20 days at sea.

Must be able to house and berth 12 with a galley and cook with adequate supplies.

It must have 12 volts DC and 110 v AC power.

It should have twin screws to manage the course.

It must have a small after deck and low transom to be able to lay out a cable which is towed behind the ship (the sonar cable).

There must be a dingy or small boat or Avon to carry the land search team ashore.

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